Web Production Credits

The following people have worked together to create the Eugene Kingman Web site:

  • Bob Carlitz – Web Production Manager, Content Editor, and Photographer
  • Mixie Kingman Eddy – Site Design Director, Content Writer, and Web Team Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Anne Kingman – Graphic artist (logo and images), Author of Eugene Kingman’s Profile and Kingman’s Nebraska (book and video)
  • Martha Raaka – Mentor
  • Marcy Snapp –  Research and Information Specialist
  • Maureen Waldron – Site Contributor and Editor

A special thanks to everyone above, and also to the following Advisors for their involvement with this site:

  • Quinlan Kingman Eddy
  • Sherman E. Eddy
  • Barbara Eelens

The site itself is built on WordPress, with a modified version of the Deep Focus theme from Elegant Themes.